In 2012, The World Bank described waste as


It’s growing too – at the rate of 3-5% a year. Yet no new, innovative approach has been developed to improve global waste management practices and meet this urgent challenge.

Until now.

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Introducing the naus
Waste Intelligence platform.

At the core of naus is a powerful modelling and visualisation engine that makes complex waste ecosystems intuitive. It also creates a global community of thought leaders in the waste management field, providing a completely new and unparalleled resource for waste consultants.



At naus, we believe we won’t create a circular economy with linear thinking. Meeting the waste challenge will take a collective approach: the best minds and the best technology to ensure our planet remains sustainable.

naus is that technology.

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Do you have a data strategy? Learn why every waste professional needs a data strategy in this four-part series of webinars featuring Dr. Darren Perrin from Eunomia Research & Consulting (UK), Dr. Mark Jackson from A.Prince Consulting (Australia) and Chris Purchas from Tonkin + Taylor (New Zealand).

The first webinar will explore the need for a data strategy, while the subsequent webinars will drill down into the intricacies surrounding data for modelling and scenarios, audit data and operational data. Watch these webinars now to see naus in action.

Product Overview


Numbers you Can Count On

Finally, waste professionals can say goodbye to fragmented, incomplete or inconsistent industry data that requires time-consuming manual review and consolidation. naus provides a digital data framework for collecting and analysing data in a standard and consistent way. Even more liberating will be the end goal that naus is working towards – to enable users to collect live data at source and in near real time.

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Making the Most of Simulations

Simulating waste management scenarios has always been about exploring possibilities. Yet, somewhat ironically, few have ever explored new ways to create simulations beyond the conventional, labour-intensive, customised spreadsheet approach. But now naus allows users to mix and match variables such as collection systems, waste projections and mass flow configurations across one or more scenarios easily and seamlessly. So finally, the possibilities in waste management really are endless.

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Creating New Understandings

Effective waste consulting involves information flows, as much as waste flows. naus is all about reducing complexities to simplicities, not just in the ways simulations are created, but also in how they are communicated. naus provides a broad range of stakeholders with a common language and iconographic vocabulary that facilitates clarity and universal understanding.


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“naus is about Waste Intelligence and the application of a logical and structured process to the capture and analysis of data, and then transforming this data into information so that informed decisions can be made.”

Dr Darren Perrin, Head of International Business Development, Eunomia Research & Consulting 

System Usage Statistics

294 Authorities (LGA) Modelled
36 Regions Modelled
395 Waste Scenarios Created
36.8 Waste Modelled (Megatonnes)

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Dr. Georgina Davis - Focusing Waste Data on Critical Business Needs

Let's explore data opportunities both inside and outside your organisation which can provide opportunities to manage disruption, recognise new business and growth opportunities, and grow productivity at a time of increasing uncertainty and risk, to provide competitive advantage over your rivals.

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Waste Data Strategy in 500 Words

Waste Data Strategy webinar presenters: Dr. Darren Perrin, Dr. Mark Jackson and Chris Purchas

Late last year we concluded our educational series on waste data strategy with Dr. Darren Perrin of Eunomia Research & Consulting, Dr. Mark Jackson of A.Prince Consulting and Chris Purchas of Tonkin + Taylor. If you missed any of these webinars, catch up with this quick summary of each deep dive into waste data.

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What is Waste Intelligence and Why Should I Care?

Sean Richards, naus Marketing Manager The waste industry is big. 4 billion tonnes of waste are created a year by OECD countries. Much of this waste goes into the ground – into landfill.  Effectively managing this waste is an expensive proposition. The global waste market is worth $1 trillion and is predicted to grow another $1 trillion over the next 5 years.  What's the answer to this looming crisis the World Bank says is bigger than climate change?

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Product Videos

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