The Values We Hold at naus Waste Intelligence

The naus Waste Intelligence platform is the result of over 12 years’ experience working alongside and in collaboration with many different waste industry leaders in different markets, sharing the same challenges. While we are a software company, we have seen firsthand the need to solve the word’s waste problem and are passionate about finding the right solution to assist, enable and empower waste experts.

All our partners have brought their unique perspectives to global waste management. But one thing unites us: a passionate belief that we need to solve one of the most important issues facing the human race in the 21st century.

This passion is highly contagious. The more experienced in waste management you become, the more you realise that at a fundamental level it’s everybody’s problem.

And that’s when you become passionate, too.

Technology has let the waste industry down, but not for any longer.

The global waste industry has been poorly served by technology to date. Too often, software for waste has focused on performing a function instead of finding a solution. Orthodox waste management systems, developed last century, have failed to address waste’s growth as an existential threat to the world we live in.

Technology is an enabler of progress and an amplifier of efficiency. We believe that any industry – as a living organism – must evolve to ensure its long-term sustainability and relevance.

If you change nothing, nothing will change. We are committed to building innovative solutions that result in the transformation of the waste industry.

Change is what’s required, and we put ourselves in the middle of the change we seek.

We believe great products are driven by purpose, not just profit…

James Rouse said, “Profit is not the legitimate purpose of business. The legitimate purpose of business is to provide a product or service that people need and do it so well that it’s profitable.”

At naus our product design is guided by what provides the greatest capacity for creating efficiencies. We believe that an intuitive, easy to use customer interface is just as important as the function a product performs.

Waste management is a complicated business. The solution doesn’t need to be.

To create new product features that add real value, we partner with the best collaborators … you.

We are focused on providing the best user experience possible. In the design of every feature, our priority is that it will work for YOU and let you work smarter without making things harder.

We actively seek customer insights with our Early Adopter Program, Beta Program and User Groups. naus users collaborate with us on creating helpful new features or improving existing ones.

We bring together a global network of professionals who are absolutely committed towards best practice in waste management and waste strategy and we are unapologetic about leaving dated practices behind.

We embrace collaboration with experts in their field

At naus we collaborate extensively and partner with leading organisations to better understand industry challenges. We recognise that users of our technology have industry expertise in their own right. Our role is not to build expertise – it is to enable experts to excel; to build leading technology that enables our customers to achieve their objectives.

We work hard to implement best practice solutions that are unbiased and independent of any agenda. We are building solutions that serve the continuing needs of the global waste industry, which supersede short-term fads and local biases, because our primary goal is to enable you to augment your expertise and expand the reach of your services.

We are committed to authenticity and integrity

Authenticity is being real for all your stakeholders, not just your customers. It’s the natural result of reliability combined with integrity.

We seek to be authentic, both in the way we interact with you and how we provide our services – in terms of what we ask and what we give in return. We want to be uncomplicated in the way we work with you.

That’s why authenticity is important to us. We strive to do what we say, and say what we do. Our platform operates in the same way as our people – openly and transparently.