What we Believe

At naus Waste Intelligence we believe in the power of data to prepare us for the challenges of the future. With global waste increasing at an unprecedented rates, we believe this to be the most critical problem facing us today.

Our products and services are dedicated to solving this problem. Through our collaborative, industry-wide approach, we are enabling cities, businesses and communities to make faster, smarter decisions about waste management. Ultimately, we are providing our partners with the tools to reduce waste and become leaders in the emerging circular economy.


We believe great products are driven by purpose, not profit.

“Profit is not the legitimate purpose of business. The legitimate purpose of business is to provide a product or service that people need and do it so well that it’s profitable.” – James Rouse

At naus our purpose is to solve the waste challenges of the future, today. Our product design is guided by what provides the greatest capacity for creating efficiencies and improving waste management practices to protect our limited resources and secure our future.  


We believe in making it easy

Waste management is a complicated business. The solution doesn’t need to be. We believe that an intuitive, easy to use customer interface is just as important as the function a product performs. In the design of every feature, our priority is that it will work for our customers and enable them to work smarter without making things harder.


We believe in collaboration

At naus we collaborate with leading organisations and experts in our field to better understand industry challenges. We bring together a global network of professionals who are committed to best practice in waste management and waste strategy, and we are unapologetic about leaving dated practices behind.


We believe our customers are the experts

We recognise that users of our technology have industry expertise in their own right. Our role is not to build expertise – it is to enable the experts we work with to excel; to build leading technology that enables our customers to surpass their objectives and deliver against a triple bottom line.


We believe in authenticity and integrity

We want to be uncomplicated in the way we work with you. We seek to be authentic, both in the way we interact with you and how we provide our services – in terms of what we ask and what we give in return. Our products and services operate in the same way as our people – openly and transparently.


We believe that technology will be the catalyst that brings about the change we seek

The global waste industry has been poorly served by technology. Too often, software for waste has focused on performing a function instead of finding a solution. Orthodox waste management systems have failed to prepare us for the astounding growth in global waste production, and the very real threat that  growth trajectory poses to the world we live in.


We believe that, through technology, we can enable mass waste-behaviour change to protect our future.