The naus Waste Intelligence Cloud service

The naus Waste Intelligence platform is a Cloud-based software solution that has gone through a five-point integrity plan to safeguard our clients’ security and privacy: to ensure trust in the system at all times.

1. Data Hosted in Australia

Australia is one of the most rigorous jurisdictions in the world when it comes to privacy and data collection. For naus we store data in the Microsoft Azure platform – in facilities located in Sydney, Australia. The facility is secure both physically and technically and possesses an extensive data recovery platform. More information on Microsoft Azure’s security and privacy can be found here.

2. Mandatory e-trust Certification

In line with best practice, we do not store sensitive personal information in the same location as application data, but use specialist partners for user management and subscription management. For all financial information we only partner with other technology companies that possess e-trust certification.

3. Full Customer Control

We have applied good practice to our Software-as-a-Service privacy policy. We know privacy and control over data is a huge priority for our clients, so we ensured naus has a multi-tenanted architecture. Every client of naus is allocated a secure space in a separate working domain that can only be accessed by their nominated users. Not even our naus system administrators can access our customers’ data or give anyone else access to those working domains.

With naus you have ownership of your data – along with who can access it and when they can access it. You can access your data at any time and for any reason without assistance from the naus team, as long as your maintain an active subscription.

4. Powerful Data Encryption

At naus we are committed to security; we use SSL encryption from the browser and all of our sensitive data has one-way encryption. Our password security employs salted password hashing to defend against brute force attacks.

5. Independent Security Testing

On a periodic basis, we get naus independently verified by a reputable system security company. This, along with the four other activities, is how we strive to establish and sustain trust in the Cloud-based solutions we provide.

Privacy Matters

Ensuring the security and safety of critical business data and personal identity details are of paramount importance for any Cloud-based solution provider. There are many advantages to using Cloud-based solutions like naus. However, these gains are eclipsed by the need for a highly secure environment to operate within, which also meets the legislative privacy frameworks in place around the world.

You need to be able to trust your Cloud solution provider. Safeguarding the privacy of your information is a top priority for the team at naus. For more information on how we strive to protect your sensitive information and conform to privacy legislation, please read our Privacy Policy.

What's Going on Inside naus?

The vision of naus is to empower the world’s waste professionals to forge the best strategies for dealing with the growing problem of waste. To do that, a high degree of control is given to users of naus to apply their skills when formulating options to build better waste systems.

Within the naus Waste Intelligence platform, it is important to drive consistency in baseline data definition and analytical procedures. To do this, naus has implemented an array of broadly-accepted Key Performance Indicators and calculators to give waste professionals a sound, widely-accepted foundation to execute strategy formulation.

Every calculation used in the modelling of a waste system is based on industry standards, adopted worldwide where available. However, configurability in naus is the key to its power and applicability to a broad range of waste system scenarios. So despite many of the calculations being fixed in format, configurability is provided by allowing each waste modeller to change what goes into those calculations. This enables naus to be used in a bespoke fashion to meet a broad range of applications across different jurisdictions and geographies around the world.